About Paul & Sandy's Real Barbecue Co.

We serve "Honest to Goodness Real Barbecue" to the Etobicoke Area. And as with most great tasting food, real barbecue is made using no shortcuts. Preparing full-flavored, memorable barbecue requires patience, practice and passion.

We tell people that: "If there ain't smoke, It ain't barbecue."

What most backyard chefs are doing is cooking directly over a flame with high heat, This is called grilling. Grilling is a fine method of cooking, but it doesn't produce food with the hearty, woody resonance of slow-smoked fare. You can slather on as much barbecue sauce as you want, but it still won't be authentic barbecue.

The authentic barbecue found on our barbecue menu is slow-cooked with indirect heat at a low temperature, say around 220 degrees, with plenty of smoke. Our smoke comes from burning hickory wood, imported directly from the Southern U.S.barbecue belt. At Paul & Sandy's Real Barbecue Co. we think smoking with hickory wood enhances the flavor of the meat for a genuine barbecue experience.

Other than the wood-burning cloud of smoke, the next requirement of real barbecue is plenty of time. Proper slow cooking at low temperatures can take up to twelve hours for a pork shoulder or as much as eighteen hours for a whole beef brisket. Our dedication to making "Honest to Goodness Real Barbecue" results in some of the best slow-cooked, smoked meat that you'll ever taste. An authentic flavour that we are proud to serve to our own friends and family. It would be our pleasure to serve it up for your friends and family, too.


We will be CLOSED Tues Aug 19th

to Mon Sept 1st 2014.

 We will RE-OPEN Tuesday September 2nd.

Enjoy your Labour Day Weekend!!!